When the Moon Isn’t What It Seems!

El Bigotudo ZX Spectrum main screen

When the Moon Isn’t What It Seems!

Greetings, friends!

How often do you look closely at the Moon while walking around the city at night or in the evening? Well, it’s the ball hangs and glows, nothing special. But this very superficial point of view can be very misleading. Why suddenly and who decided that the Moon has always been like this? Or maybe someone replaced it and no one noticed?

After a long time, we finally have a new game released for the “classic” ZX Spectrum. This is a puzzle-platformer with elements of a quest, which tells the story of the adventures of a retired intelligence agent nicknamed “EL BIGOTUDO” (real name Carlos Fernando Garcia), who, as usual, went into a bar, had a drink, but then very, very strange things began to happen.

The authors of the game do not reveal details of the plot, the number of game screens and the goals of the game. One thing we can say for sure is that the graphics are made at a high level, somewhat reminiscent of the graphics from “White Jaguar”, but more intense, since the actions take place inside some kind of space station or spaceship. The animation of the main character and hostile mobs is drawn in great detail. The music from the famous composer MmcM is also excellent.

The game offers us a large number of riddles and game situations; there is also that same “spirit of exploration” that captivated us in the distant 80-90s, when we discovered the riddles of the game and found various features without hints from a book or the Internet. In general, there is definitely something to explore here.

Hurry up to download the game now and don’t forget to give at least a small bonus to the authors, because to make a game of this level you need to spend a huge amount of time and effort. In addition, you can rate the game and leave your review.

If you are in the Russian Federation, then you can pay using Robokassa – it accepts euros and automatically converts into Russian rubles. If you are not in the Russian Federation, you can pay with USDT or bitcoins using the Cryptomus payment gateway, and also use a regular plastic card through AdvCash or the same Robokassa – they accept regular Mastercard and Visa (which are not in the Russian Federation). We have a 2 EUR discount on payments via AdvCash, because when making your first payment, AdvCash may ask you for confirmation of documents. This is inconvenient, which is why we provide a discount.

If you have questions about the game or payment, you can ask them right below this text.

Thanks for your attention and have a good play!

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