Super Bomberman 2 Remix

Super Bomberman 2 Remix game playSuper Bomberman 2 Remix game playSuper Bomberman 2 Remix game play
Super Bomberman 2 Remix

They've come back to make a mess of things!

Genre: Arcade Action

Authors: , , , ,

Publisher: ZX Evolution (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 0.1

Rating: not calculated

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About This game

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Note: The demo version is a short incomplete version of the game, it lacks cut-scenes and some weapons. There is only one level in the game which cannot be completed.  Controls in the demo are QAOP+SPACE or Kempston joystick.

How this game came to be

In the far 2001, a Marie Slip’s port of the world famous game “Super Bomberman 2” was released on ZX Spectrum. More than 20 years passed since then, and the same author, but now with a team of professionals, decided to rebuild the game, creating it from scratch.

You are waited by hi-quality engine, brand new graphics and music, new prizes, new worlds, new enemies and at the end it is necessary to fight with a boss. The game also has its own uncomplicated story that immerses you in this fun universe. The game’s engine guarantees smooth 50 fps movement and animation, plenty of sound effects and music to AY-8910 from a professional musician, as well as General Sound support.

Bomberman intro scene

How to play

Your task is to blow up walls and find a secret door to a new level. But the door is initially closed, and to open it you have to destroy all the enemies on the level. The game can be played in pairs with a companion or alone.


In the game you’ll encounter many prizes, they appear randomly from blown up walls. In addition, at the end of each world you will be able to play a mini-game to improve your character. Such a bonus game will distract you a little from the endless explosions.

The prizes may look like these:

Bomberman bonuses

  1. Fire – increases the blast radius (maximum effect can be obtained by taking 5 pieces).
  2. Bomb – extra bomb (maximum effect if 5 are taken).
  3. Bomb-kicking foot – with this thing you can kick bombs.
  4. Yellow heel – allows you to pass through bombs.
  5. Heart – gives you an extra life.
  6. Green Blob – allows you to place yellow bombs, which can explode from contact with walls, if you kick them well, of course.
  7. Red Shield – gives you invulnerability to explosions.
  8. Fuse bomb – while standing on the bomb, hold down the “Fire” button and the bomb will activate standby mode. As soon as you release “Fire”, a detonation will occur. This allows you to kill enemies while waiting for them to approach.
  9. White Skull – can take away all your bonuses, or force you to place bombs for 20 seconds without respite. A bad prize, but trust me, in the heat of battle you’ll often take it by mistake.

Worlds and enemies

There are four worlds in the game, with new and interesting enemies emerging as you progress through them. Each enemy has their own character and traits that make them unique to the game. We deliberately leave out descriptions of the enemies, so you’ll have more fun meeting them and learning about them for yourself.

Bomberman monster scene


Before you start the game, you can set the buttons for both players in the Options menu, and select play using the Kempston Joystick.

During play, you can switch the music off/on and exit to the main menu using the button.

Playing together

You can go through the main story together, helping each other, or you can fight against each other.

The authors

Code: Marie Slip, Gogin
Music: n1k-o
Graphics: Joe Vondayl
Testing: Black Cat, Alex


System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 128K or compatible machine with a tape player

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 128k or compatible machine with TR-DOS disk drive

Recommended, to Play Online

Any modern PC/Mac/Linux machine with the newest version of Chrome, Firefox, or another browser (except Opera Mini)

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