About White Jaguar, New Payment Methods and Updates

About White Jaguar, New Payment Methods and Updates

I have three wonderful pieces of news today.

About the White Jaguar

A brand new game White Jaguar created by the Red Triangle team, designed for the classic ZX Spectrum, has appeared on the site. It’s a platformer adventure about a Native American (Indian) boy who goes on a long journey to defeat a nascent evil. Earlier the prototype of this game was presented at Yandex RGB 2020 contest, where it got the second prize. Later the authors are finished with the game, added many new locations, polished graphics, added animation and atmospheric music. In general, they worked hard. The game is fascinating with simple and responsive controls, smooth animation, various game situations and unconventional puzzles – and it will work even on ZX Spectrum 48 (except for AY coprocessor music)! All in all, I highly recommend that you take at least one evening out of your busy schedule and be sure to help the young man achieve his great goal.

Despite the fact that the game is distributed on a conditional-free model, I recommend not stingy on donations. The guys tried very hard. Who knows, maybe the profit from the game’s distribution will inspire them for the second part or even for the ZX Spectrum Next version?

“King and Jester” finally gets a Russian version

The recently released musical and graphic fan collection of masterpieces by the famous Russian punk band “King and Jester” has finally got its Russian version. Now not only the song titles are displayed in Russian, but each song has titles that are shaded as the song plays (“karaoke” mode), so you can enjoy the hits and sing along at the same time. I tried it – very cool. I recommend you to try this too.

The previously released English version also got a small upgrade – version 1.01 eliminated a few bugs, and added a progress animation when loading (guess what it looks like).

New payment methods added

It’s the thing we’ve been waiting for – now you can pay for ZX Spectrum game by cryptocurrency!!! New payment gateway accepts payments by Visa/Mastercard (except Russian cards), and also accepts payments in crypto – Bitcoin, Ether, Tether (aka USDT) and USD Coin. Crypto payment is available both abroad and in Russia, but for security reasons it is hidden in Russia. If you live in Russia and want to pay in cryptocurrency – you need to choose another country (for example, any European country) when paying. This gateway doesn’t work in US, so you need to choose European country.

If you are from Russian Federation and would like to pay by plastic card – Unitpay works for you as usually. It accepts Visa/Mastercard/MIR and UnionPay cards. It also has almost all Russian electronic money in its arsenal.

How do you like today’s news? Any questions, ask in the comments. And thank you for reading!


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Dmitri Ponomarjov
1 year ago

Спасибо, будем пробовать оплатить криптой – текущие события слегка сделали невозможным прежние способы оплаты.

Dmitri Ponomarjov
1 year ago
Reply to  Epsilon

У меня была проблема с paypal, решилась созданием нового аккаунта paypal, это какой-то прикол был в нём самом.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dmitri Ponomarjov

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