That’s Magic and Luck on your table!

OUT in a Kingdom title screen

That’s Magic and Luck on your table!

We have this question. What do Spectrum players do on long winter evenings? Of course, there are plenty of things to do in life other than Spectrum. But when it comes to our beloved platform, of course, real spectrophiles either play games or try to develop something. Our friends at ERA Creative Group, on the other hand, think that in an ideal world they would get together in groups of 4 and play board games!

But not simple ones, but ZX Spectrum ones. Such as, for example, the colourful new game “Once Upon a Time in a Kingdom“. Designed for the TS-Conf platform, it supports up to 4 people playing simultaneously. And if the necessary crew is not present, it is possible to replace the missing ones with a computer intelligence.

The essence of the game is simple – there are 4 different characters who set off on a journey to the royal castle. On the way there are dangers and various obstacles. By alternately rolling the dice, you, like in any other board game, move your character figure a few squares forward. But apart from the soulless and impartial dice, the outcome of the game is also influenced by your decisions. The game neatly integrates role-playing mechanics, allowing characters to have different abilities; they can also accumulate and use gold, items and various magic, and combat scenes a la Might and Magic add extra variety to the game. All in all, if you are determined to defeat your friends in this game, you won’t get bored.

The game is already available, so you can buy and download it. There is also a detailed description and the game rules. By the way, if you don’t have TS-Conf yet, there is a Windows version in the downloadable archive.

Aliens: Neoplasma 2?

The Sanchez Crew gets a lot of questions about whether there will be a sequel to the legendary game Aliens: Neoplasma. Although the much-loved platformer wasn’t planned as a series of games, its success is evident – it’s currently the most downloaded game in ZXOnline’s history.

But in spite of this, not so many users downloaded the new version of the game (for ZX Spectrum Next), which may indicate the decrease of interest to the game.

To solve the dilemma of whether or not to make a second part of Aliens: Neoplasma, the team has created a special Facebook post asking you to “like” it if you want a sequel of the game.

The team promises to start development as soon as at least 1,000 likes have been collected. Let’s support the guys! (I already did.) You may also write in comments (under this post or on Facebook) – what would you like to see in Part 2 or what you missed in Part 1.

And that’s it for today. The bright and colourful December continues, so stay tuned!

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Sergio Nacher Fernández
Sergio Nacher Fernández
11 months ago

I think that people have downloaded the Spectrum Next version of Aliens Neoplasma less because right now Spectrum Next emulation is not exactly easy to setup, so the only way to play and enjoy the new version is on real hardware. Meanwhile, anyone can emulate a regular speccy relatively easily if they don’t have genuine hardware, so the original version is a lot more accessible overall.

11 months ago

Would love a sequel to Aliens Neoplasma, but I am not going to create a Facebook account just to vote for it. Please consider another alternatives.

11 months ago

В фэйсбуке не состою, поэтому скажу здесь – Даешь продолжение Aliens: Neoplasma на ZXEvo!

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