EL BIGOTUDO game playEL BIGOTUDO game playEL BIGOTUDO game playEL BIGOTUDO game playEL BIGOTUDO game playEL BIGOTUDO game playEL BIGOTUDO game play

Be careful and twirled your mustache!

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle

Authors: , , , ,

Publisher: Red Triangle (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 1.4

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About This game

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Carlos Fernando Garcia, nicknamed el Diablo Bigotudo or simply el Bigotudo (“The Moustached”), a former Intelligence Service agent, and today a seasoned serviceman, is an ordinary city dweller who often spent evenings in a local bar, listening to the chatter of visitors, abusing drinks.

This evening was the same as yesterday, after staying up late and getting pretty drunk, Carlos, getting ready to go out, heard a strange speech from the bartender that Moon is a spaceship! In fact, Moustached today heard incredible conversations in the crowd of guests, that the moon was covered by an alien ship, or that the moon was it, but he did not pay much attention to it. Muttering something towards the waiter, Carlos moved towards the door exiting the bar…

That’s all he remembered. The first thing I felt was an unbearable headache. You couldn’t get so drunk. Slowly opening his eyes and looking around, he noted that the room was quite humid and completely different from the motel room in which he lived. The dim panel illuminated a small windowless room with one massive staircase. Most of all, the room resembled a storage room. Thoughts were confused in my head, fear and coldness on my skin were driven by an approaching sound, more like the patter of steps…

In the game you need to find a way home, or just survive, maybe even without returning… Yes, this can happen, there are several endings in the game, depending on the quality of the passage of the main plot, what it will ultimately be depends on you.

It’s time to figure it all out and apply your skills!


The game supports keyboard and Kempston joystick controls.

Initially the keys are set as follows:

Q – Move up the stairs / Enter the elevator / Move up the elevator / Control the console / Talk to a friendly clam

A – Move down the stairs / Move down the elevator / Control in the Remote Control

O – Move left / Exit the elevator / Control in the Remote Control

P – Move to the right / Exit the elevator / Control in the Remote Control

SPACE – Jump / Remote Control

S + O – Selecting an item in the inventory

S + P – Selecting an item in the inventory

S – Switch levers / Control in the Remote / Pause (long press for about 3 seconds)

ENTER – Using an Item / Disconnecting from the Remote Control

You can redefine the keys before starting the game.


Plot, graphics, music, code:

– Romancha

Code, game engine:

– Jerry

Intro/Outro music:

– Remixed by MmcM

Thanks to


–Shadow Maker

Translation of the manual into Spanish:

– Oscar Martin Garcia


System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 128K or compatible machine with a tape player

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum-compatible machine with a tape player or TR-DOS drive with at least 128K RAM and AY co-processor

Recommended, to Play Online

Any modern PC/Mac/Linux machine with the newest version of Chrome, Firefox, or another browser (except Opera Mini)

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