King and Jester, TSolitaire and more

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King and Jester, TSolitaire and more

Good time of the day, friends!

There’s a brand new release on the site – this is a cover album of songs by famous in the post-Soviet space horror-punk band “King and Jester“. This compilation includes all songs from their first album, which is called “A Stone on the Head” and there are exactly 21 pieces!

What is unique about this project? For each song a track was written for AY coprocessor and a picture was drawn, quality of both is incredible! The developers (there are two of them) from Russia and Ukraine have been working on this project together for about 2 years (from 2020 till 2022).  The work done is colossal, the fans of the band will appreciate it!

By the way, even for non-fans of Korol and Jester I strongly recommend familiarizing with their creative work. Each song is unique in its own way, but that’s what unites them – it gives you goosebumps when you read the lyrics or listening the song and imagine what’s going on in your head. You can easily write a horror-style game (for Spectrum maybe?) based on the songs of King and Jester and it will definitely be a success.

All in all, the guys tried their best – be sure to check it out. A demo version is available too.

We also have two updates on existing projects.

TSolitaire game went through some global changes – the “mouse” interface code was redesigned, sounds for Covox were added, “auto-collection” of cards at the end of the game was added and new music was added too. The famous musician MmcM has joined the project. There are also other changes – see “Change Log” for version 2.0 on the game’s page.

And funny platformer about Otter and Smoker (The Land of Rustles: Otter and Smoker) has been updated to version 1.5. In this version sound effects for AY were added, and also (well, finally!) passwords to intermediate levels, which makes it possible to pass the game even without possessing level 80 abilities.

Just a reminder, that those of you who haven’t own ZX Evo yet, can play the last two games with Windows version which is included.

And now a moment of celebration.

In May 1945, 77 years ago, the great Nazi evil that threatened to destroy and enslave Europe, the USSR and the rest of the world was defeated. And thanks to the efforts of all, this evil was stopped. This is a big holiday, not only in the Russian Federation. In spite of everything this holiday is celebrated in many countries. I am very glad that there are people who understand that not a single chance must be given to this evil to raise its head again. Nazism and fascism have no place on our planet.

Happy Holidays, friends, happy Great Victory Day!


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