Adventures in a Magical Forest

The Land of Rustles 2 ZX Spectrum title screen

Adventures in a Magical Forest

Wow, friends! The long-awaited moment has arrived. You have waited and your wait has been rewarded! And there are exactly two news and both are good 🙂

First great news

Today a completely new game, The Land of Rustles 2, from the author with the nickname Slip, was released on our website. This is a continuation of the adventures of the Otter with a human face and Smoker in the amazing world in which the Rustles live. This time Otter will have to solve several difficult problems in a magical forest inhabited by different characters – both good and evil. The story begins with the fact that little Rustle falls ill and the cat Murka needs a magic book to treat her. As you progress through the game, you will have to solve many quests, and also learn how to dashingly jump and throw battle stars, because there are many enemies in the forest, and they do not sleep!

The game has gorgeous full-color graphics, because it is designed to run on a modern ZX Spectrum clone called TS-Conf. And if you don’t have a “hardware” computer of this architecture, it doesn’t matter, the downloaded archive contains a version of the game for Windows (this is a newest UnrealSpeccy emulator with autorun of binary files of the original game configured).

Of particular note is that the game has full-screen scrolling (and this is rare even for modern ZX Spectrum clones) and the ability to listen to music and sounds under NeoGS, they are great! By the way, the music for the game was written by the famous musician MmcM, whose tracks you have definitely already heard in other games. In general, 9 people participated in the development, even I found a job – I translated the game into Russian and participated in testing 🙂

P.S. By the way, Slip has a community on Boosty: where we discuss games being developed, and also plan future projects. You can do this too 🙂

In general, the game is a fire, absolutely recommended!

Second great news

The second good news is that we have finally launched payment for games through, where seamless payments with Paypal and plastic cards are available! We’ve linked our and ZXOnline accounts so that purchases you make there will count towards ZXOnline, giving you the same benefits as if you bought directly from ZXOnline (such as the ability to write reviews and rate games, and many more to be implemented in the nearest future).

Currently, purchase through is available for three games – New Rustles 2, EL BIGOTUDO and Zedex Tanks, but in the very near future we will add all the rest. All new games will also be automatically posted on and ZX Online.

How to buy a game through It’s very simple. On the game page, under the payment widget, you will see the branded icon and detailed instructions on what to do. You can even just search the game on to buy directly, but in this case you will not get a license for the game on ZXO and all the features that come with it.

That’s it, there’s no point in wasting any more time, it’s time to start exploring the Magical Forest! All the best and thank you!

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