Vradark’s Revenge is out!

Vradark's Revenge menu

Vradark’s Revenge is out!

Hey mate, well, the most anticipated game of this autumn – Vradark’s Revenge has finally been released!

Indeed, there’s a lot to be excited and surprised about – this game is highly unusual for the ZX Spectrum. Starting with the game’s genre – Arcade RPG, that is, you are developing the main character dynamically fighting with enemies around you! Moreover, management is very unusual for the ZX Spectrum, but very comfortable and familiar to fans of PC-shooters and platformers: here you will need both WASD-buttons, and the mouse. Buttons to move the hero, and the mouse to aim enemies. Is it convenient? You bet it is! Both hands in action.

The second new feature is the use of all three AY-chips, supported in ZX Spectrum Next – and it’s the whole 9 channels. The musician of Sanchez Crew, the great n1k-o, took full advantage of this feature and wrote over a dozen great tracks for the game, which are played in different locations.

Add to this a fascinating storyline, a gigantic variety of enemies, great locations and smooth scrolling, mesmerizing graphics from notorious artist Evgeny Rogulin (aka ER) and you get a masterpiece which not only should be immediately tested in action, but also not bad to put it on the shelf, as they say.

After all, the game has a physical version! Nice smelling stylish typography with an insert and a stylised SD card inside. But keep in mind that there aren’t too many physical copies and they’ll be swept away pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t advise putting it off.

Against the background of this news the other two ones do not look so spectacular, but nevertheless I have to sound them out.

The first one is that the author of MERGED! heard the fans of the ZX classics and made a TAP-version of the game, which you can load even to 48k “rubber”. Yes, you can already download it from the game’s page.

And the second piece of news is that we’ve brought back the ability to pay via the innovative Advcash payment system. The reason we removed it is because the first payment process is quite unusual and users were repeatedly confused and frustrated. To avoid this happening again, we’ve written detailed instructions explaining what to do and how to do. Have a read, please. Especially if you live in an EU country. Because unfortunately in these countries paying for the physical version of the game with Advcash is the only way so far. The digital version can still be purchased through Paypal, however.

I hope I’ve made you happy, have a nice weekend!

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1 year ago

This looks great – I’ve bought it and look forward to trying it out soon.

One tiny point, though: looking at the loading/title screen, as shown at the top of this page, there’s an error in the ‘sinclair’ logo! It reads “sinclalr” – i.e. the second ‘i’ has a filled pixel that makes it look like an ‘l’! It may only be a single stray pixel, but in this instance it really needs fixing! 🙂

Alberto Carrillo Lopez
Alberto Carrillo Lopez
1 year ago

El juego es increíble un espectáculo gráfico y musical y de efectos sonoros, solo he notado una cosa que se ralentiza en un par de puntos del juego y hace unos saltos raros de scrooll, no se si será cosa del juego o de mi NGO.

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