Advcash First Payment: Important to Know!

Features of the Advcash Payment System

If you have not used the Advcash payment system before, read on carefully.

The Advcash payment system is a modern and innovative product that offers customers the opportunity to pay for goods not only in conventional currencies, but also in digital money (cryptocurrencies). Increased attention is given to protection against fraud (the use of stolen credit cards or fake accounts) as well as the protection of your personal data. Because of this you will probably have to go through a validation procedure when making your first payment.

Paying with Advcash consists of several steps.

  1. You choose an item, select the Advcash system for payment and press the Pay button.
  2. The Advcash window opens in a secure frame, where you have to choose the payment method (currency) and enter the number of your Visa/Mastercard or your cryptocurrency. You click “Next”.
  3. If this is the first time you are paying through Advcash, the system may ask you for validation. To do this Advcash will BLOCK some funds in YOUR bank account, without transferring the funds to its account.
  4. Further you will have to prove that you are not a robot and you really own the specified plastic card – either by having your photo taken next to your card, or by showing your face to the camera, or both. All this is done only once and only serves to protect you and your funds against misuse. Your personal data (such as photos) will be deleted as soon as you are successfully validated.
  5. After validation the funds in your account are unblocked and sent to the Advcash – payment completed and you’ll get the bought products immediately! You will not have to go through this validation procedure again in future payments.

What happens in case of unsuccessful validation?

If you refuse to validate yourself and cancel the payment, the funds on your card will remain blocked for some time (usually several hours), after which your bank will unblock them automatically. Don’t worry, Advcash will not tolerate a situation where money has been debited but the products are not received.

If you have any further questions you can contact ZX Online’s support team.