A Dangerous Mission on a Submarine

Red Raid: The Sinking... title screen

A Dangerous Mission on a Submarine

The second game in the “Red Raid” series from the ZXBITLES team – “Red Raid: The Sinking…” is finally published. And this game is completely different than the first one. If there you had to run through the forest before and look for good ways to destroy your enemy’s units, saving your bullets and using any means at hand, here the situation is completely different.

Your main character (Redrick) wakes up in complete darkness and realizes that he’s on a submarine and something terrible has happened. Your first task is to find a way to turn on the electricity. You’ll have to do this task in total darkness, literally by groping your way around the ship. The whole gameplay of part A of the game consists of such tasks, so now the game is more like an arcade quest (yes, and the time is running too, so you have to hurry up).

But in part B of this game (which in the physical version is recorded on the B side of the cassette, and which the author does not recommend playing before part A has been completed) something quite interesting begins. Despite the fact that the gameplay here is more arcade like in “Red Raid: The Beginning…“, we are faced with the development of the plot of the entire trilogy and begin to understand what the hell is going on in general.

In general, the second part of the Red Raid trilogy turned out to be quite full of gameplay and different interesting things, despite the obviously smaller size of the game world. The authors managed to fit it all into 48 kilobytes of regular Spectrum classics, and even great music is present!

No time to wait. Come on, we have to save the ship and the whole crew!

Play now Red Raid: The Sinking…

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