Street Fighting and Tanks

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Street Fighting and Tanks

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve had a new game on our site, and now, finally, three! Although, perhaps, two of them should be considered almost one, although they came out from different authors. Nothing is clear, let’s sort it out together.

Street Fighting is Back in Vogue

Already quite well-known in our circles game developer for “classic” and rare TS-Conf clone of Spectrum with nickname Marie Slip finally finished his long-running project – a de-make of Street Fighter 2 game from Capcom, which originally was released on SNES and other platforms, and found a second life now on the Spectrum-compatible TS-Config machine. The game does not need a long description, everyone knows that this is a classic fighting game, the essence of which boils down to win the fight to one-on-one six different characters, controlled by a computer or your friend. All characters have a different set of moves and super-strikes, different physical parameters, so the game is quite variable and you can play it many times, discovering more and more features.

The sound design and music in the ZX Spectrum version was prepared by n1k-o, so get ready for some mind-blowing tracks in 3 and 6 AY channels, as well as sampled sounds! Full colour 256-colour graphics are an almost complete rip-off from the SNES, and you can play using Sega’s handy joystick without even touching the keyboard.

And as usual – if you’re not yet had time to get the original hardware (I mean ZX Evo), you can run the game under the emulator for Windows – such a compilation is attached to the downloadable archive.

Classic Tanks Have Found Their Home

(Sound of fanfare) And now my first ZX Online game (yes, incredibly, in 5 years of ZX Online existence there wasn’t a single game of my own, and now it’s happened). It’s actually a de-make again, a replica of Battle City, which came out way back in 1985 on the NES. And that game has a long history.

In 1996, after watching and playing 2-3 horrible Battle City clones on ZX Spectrum, my inner perfectionist got furious and I decided to write my own “tanks” which I could play as comfortably as on NES. My girlfriend helped me – she had NES at home and helpfully sketched all levels on a grid-lined pieces of paper and wrote down in what order the tanks appear in each level. I wrote the code, drew the graphics and everything else.

Immediately after finishing development this game was put on a far shelf and then it just happened to pop up somewhere on the Internet in 2016. After which a group of enthusiasts from the forum motivated me to refine the game to a release state and release it to the wider world.

And now, finally, the game has found a home. The awesome title screen was made by Joe Vondayl, an artist with a famous and catchy style (you know what I mean), and we also changed the game’s name to Zedex Tanks (to spite the Namco guys) and wrote a fairly straightforward story.

Well, look, play, feel nostalgic! The game is fully compatible with the classic ZX Spectrum 128 and exists in both TAP and TRD format – whatever suits you best. You can read more details on the game page.

Tanks on Steroids

And if you’re a lucky owner of TS-Config or you follow this platform, you should definitely check out our third hero for today – Battle City game for TS-Config. What makes this game different from the previous one? Well, first of all, its author – Marie Slip, sound designer – n1k-o, secondly, the game is visually more similar to the original NES game, and thirdly – it has a lot more differences from the original (for the better).

For example, there are only 16 original levels in the game, and the rest are designed from scratch. There are also added levels with bosses (!), new types of obstacles and new prizes. There really is a lot to explore and see.

The game comes with Windows version as well as Base Config version (you can compare it and see how much worse it is than the TS-Conf version 🙂 ).

Farewell Word

In conclusion, I would like to add that all three games are now available for free download. But do not forget to thank the authors with generous donations – in these games was invested tremendous amount of work and donations confirm to the authors that their work is in demand.

Also leave your comments and suggestions along with estimations on rating page – this feedback can influence many things, for example, additional levels, features can appear in the games, or even versions of ZX Spectrum Next game can be added 😉 If YOU want it.

That’s all for now, I guess.

Oh, by the way, who hasn’t been following the recent Yandex Retro Game Battle contest – be sure to at least touch the games. There are some very good ones, e.g. “Seraphima”, “COINZ are Mine” – definitely stick around for a couple of evenings.

That’s all for sure now. Have a good week, more games coming soon, stay tuned.

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