Super Bomberman becomes Bomberwoman?!

Pommy handles the bomb!

Super Bomberman becomes Bomberwoman?!

OK, the title is a bit clickbait, but it certainly makes sense. And the thing is that the authors of the recently released game Super Bomberman 2 Remix have released the long-awaited update 1.1, in which, among other things, you can choose a character at the beginning of the game and pass the game as a girl.

Super Bomberman 2 - Character Selection
Super Bomberman 2 – Character Selection

In addition, the new version takes into account the wishes of users, namely:

  • The game code has been significantly optimized, so if you’ve noticed blinking sprites on slow machines, there won’t be any more;
  • Character physics model was rethought – now for the analysis of collisions pixel-based hitboxes are used, so that the game is more comfortable, and die stupid and unexpectedly – more difficult;
  • The demo version has been expanded to include 5 full levels (i.e. one game world) plus an inter-level insert in the form of a one-armed bandit;

The HARD mode of the game has become really difficult – the balance has been adjusted, the “Shield” prize disappears at the end of each level, and the number of monsters has been increased. So if you used to think this game was an easy stroll, now you’ll have to work up a sweat.

Add to this list about 10 fixes of big and small bugs.

In addition, the authors published the game on, this way suits those who never managed to buy the game on ZXOnline. I have to warn you, however, that buying on third-party resources does not give you the opportunity to interact with the game on ZXOnline – for example, play online, get automatic updates or write game reviews (and do all the things we have not yet implemented, but keep in mind).

Updating the ranking system

If you’ve already bought Super Bomberman 2 Remix and even played it, and you’re ready to write a review, now’s the time to do it. In the new rating system, each user who has bought the game, can write a detailed review and leave a score for the game on a 5-point scale. These scores will then be added together to create an overall rating for the game. Also, the reviews are a great stimulus for the authors to improve the games already released and for new games – this allows them to understand the audience’s needs and power-up their game-development skills.

ZXOnline - New Rating System
ZXOnline – New Rating System

As soon as the game is updated, the reviews you leave will be included in the game’s overall ranking and you can also view them on a special page. Interesting thing is that you can write reviews in any language, the system automatically translates them into all languages of the website! And that’s not all. The rating system is far from being complete. So, there will be some new tricks in the future that I’ll leave secret for now. And we will reward authors of the best reviews with special prizes!

Payment systems update

It seems this section has become a permanent fixture in our newsletters 🙂 The fact is that of all the zoo of payment systems available on ZXOnline, the most reliable one is Advcash – the system with high level of payment security and support for a large number of modern payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it is not particularly popular because it requires proof of identity when registering. On the one hand, this is what allows to guarantee the security of the system (“laundering” stolen money through it will not work), but on the other hand it is not much different from Paypal, which also asks users for their personal information. Also Advcash has a big advantage over Paypal – it is not so politicized and is loyal to users from almost all countries.

Advcash - modern payment system
Advcash – modern payment system

So to somehow motivate users to start using Advcash, we decided on an unprecedented steps – we are giving a discount of up to 2 EUR on any first Advcash purchase and 25% on any subsequent purchases! This money will be paid by ZXOnline out of its own pocket, the end developers won’t lose a penny. Indeed, give it a try! You will only have to register once, but then you’ll be able to use a modern payment system (you can even issue a plastic card and pay with cryptocurrency directly in the shop) and receive bonuses.

I hope I’ve managed to make you happy with the news. And thank you for reading to the end. And if you have any questions – as always – write in the comments. Have a nice day!


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