Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 game playStreet Fighter 2 game playStreet Fighter 2 game playStreet Fighter 2 game playStreet Fighter 2 game playStreet Fighter 2 game play
Street Fighter 2

This is a demake of the classical fighting!

Genre: Fighting

Authors: , ,

Publisher: ZX Evolution (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 1.1

Rating: not calculated


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    This archive includes TS-Config and Windows versions of the game.

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About This game

The rating has not yet been decided. Perhaps your review will be decisive!

Disclamer: This game is created as a fanfic and has no relation to the original game or its developer. We claim no rights to the original game and do not infringe on the copyrights of the original game or its creators.

About the Game

Street Fighter 2 is a port of the famous fighting game from Capcom, but for TS-Config. The graphics are taken from the SNES version and have an interesting colour scheme, 256 colours for the background graphics and 16 colours for the sprites. The game engine is written from scratch and has its own features.

Technical Features

Minimum requirements: Computer or emulator compatible with TS-Config, support for at least one AY-8910. In this case, music will work under three channels. The monitor will display a palette of 64 colours. Resolution: 320×200

Recommended: PC or emulator compatible with TS-Config, 2x AY-8910 (TFM, TurboSound), Covox, VDAC 1(2). In this case music will sound in 6 channels and SFX to Covox. The monitor will display a palette of 256 colours. Resolution: 320×200

Game Settings

  1. Redefine keys – reassign keys by your own
  2. AY / TAY – one AY (3 channels) or two AY (6 channels)
  3. Turbo mode – if this is turned off, the camera will slow down in the moment of strikes, like in the movies, so you can enjoy the strikes, but the game loses the dynamics of the game.


Authors strongly recommends using the Sega Megadrive 1 three-button joystick. It’s like this:

Sega Mega Drive 1 gamepad
Sega Mega Drive 1 gamepad

Player 1:

  • Movement: AWSD ( ←↑↓→)
  • Hand shot: R (Hs)
  • Kick: T (Ml)
  • Turn kick: Y (Hl)

Alternate control: Full Kempston, with the “start” button working as a pause, or “confirm selection”.

Player 2:

  • Movement: ARROW ( ←↑↓→)
  • Hand shot: Z (Hs)
  • Kick: X (Ml)
  • C (Hl) headshot.

*Hs=hand strike, Ml=Middle leg, Hl=High leg

It is possible to assign your own keys (Redefine keys)

Character Strikes

Common strikes

  • Throw → + Hs close
  • Kick with a leg kick from the entryway → + Hl
  • Combo: Tap ← + Hs + Hs + Tap and hold ←Hl Alternate combination of Hs + Hs + ←Hs + Y + Y + ← Hl
  • Block key ←

Special Kicks

1. RUI

Fireball: ↓ + → Hs

Spin: ↓ + ← Hl

Uppercut: → + ↓ ↓ Hs


Fireball: ← + ↓ + → Hs

Spin: ↓ + ↑ Hl.

Superkick: Press Ml


Fireball: ↓ + → Hs

Uppercut: →+ → Hs


Fireball: ← + → Hs

Superkick: ↓ + ↑ Hl


Fireball: → + ← Hs

Super leg attack: ↓ + ← Hl

6. KEN

Fireball: ↓ + → Hs

Swivel kick: ↓ + ← Hl

Uppercut: → + ↓ ↓ Hs

All characters differ in their strike speed and hitbox size. Choose a character to suit your taste.


  1. If you have Full Kempston, you can play without touching the keyboard, start the game with the “start” button on your joystick.
  2. The game itself determines how many AY-processors you have, if one, then the game starts with music under 3 channels, if two, then the game starts with music under 6 channels. In options you can adjust sound to your liking, but if you have only one AY, sound setting option will be closed. The game also automatically has COVOX effects.
  3. Not only do the characters have different super punches, but they also have different hit boxes and punch mechanics. Experiment.
  4. Do not forget to donate to the authors for beer ))


The game was worked on:

Game code: Marie Slip

Music: n1k-o

Testing: Black Cat

Support us on Boosty! This will allow us to release new games faster.

Change Log


Initial release of the game


1) Added a “tie” situation, i.e. previously either the first or the second player always won, now if energy is the same and time is up there are no winners. The round has to be played all over again.

2) There were complaints about the intelligence of the computer which could easily be done by hooks. Of course this bug was closed.

3) There is an additional item in options, which allows you to choose the difficulty of the game (Easy/Normal)



System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Evolution machine with TS-Config configuration

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Evolution machine with TS-Config configuration

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