A World of One-Way

A World of One-Way game playA World of One-Way game playA World of One-Way game playA World of One-Way game play
A World of One-Way

Can the whole World fit in 16k RAM?

Genre: Puzzle


Publisher: Serdjuk (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 0.41

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Demo Version Files

Demo files are available for anyone. You can download and play them using your ZX Spectrum hardware or Play Online. Please do not distribute binary files, instead share the link to this page.

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About This game

A very short puzzle game with 19 levels. It can work on any ZX Spectrum-compatible machine and only requires 16K of RAM!

This game was created for the ZX-Spectrum game (16kb) ASM 2021 competition.


  • Sinclair I
  • Sinclair II
  • QAOP
  • Press “Caps + Enter” in the game to go to the main menu.


Object Description
GitHub Logo Hero

It’s you! You need to go through a tangled maze to collect as many coins as possible and find a door to the next level! Avoid dangerous traps and enemies and get the fact that you can’t stop immediately – when you started to walk, only the walls and some other objects can stop you.

GitHub Logo Enemy

Those guys definitely will kill you when touched. Additionally, they will follow you on each step! Be careful!  The good news they can be killed by the bomb.

GitHub Logo Bomb

The bomb will destroy anything that touched with it – whether it’s you or the enemy or the box.

GitHub Logo Box

Relatively peaceful thing, however, it blocks your way and sometimes can be useful to block the way of someone who you don’t like to see. The enemy can destroy the box when coming through it.

GitHub Logo Coin

A valuable piece! Collect as many of these items as possible. They will be useful to you in order to buy more lives or passwords for levels. Enemies don’t like coins – when the enemy goes through the coin, it disappears, and the coin transforms into a bomb!

GitHub Logo Exit Door

It’s a very simple thing – just enter it for new adventures on a new level.

GitHub Logo Ice Hole

Put anything here and it will disappear forever!

GitHub Logo Destructible Block

This will block your way, but unlike ordinary walls, it can be destroyed.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Oh, a little advice: You can buy an extra life or a password for the next level, using the accumulated coins.


System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 16K o máquina compatible con reproductor de cintas

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 48K o máquina compatible con reproductor de cintas

Recommended, to Play Online

Cualquier máquina PC / Mac / Linux moderna con la versión más reciente de Chrome, Firefox u otro navegador (excepto Opera Mini)

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