Welcome to World Without Borders!

Welcome to World Without Borders!


First of all, Christmas and New Year are coming, so I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and from our whole team and wish you warmth, joy and unforgettable moments both on these days and during the whole 2024!

Thank you, friends, that despite everything you stay with us, visit the site, take interest in new products, help developers in their hard work – leave reviews and ratings, make reposts of games, shoot streams, and someone even throws a coin :). Even though it’s quite difficult nowadays. Once again, thank you very much.

I have three great news for today, which probably can hardly be called a Christmas present, but it’s good news nonetheless.

If you don’t have time to read the big text, you can scroll all the way down to the heading “Let’s summarise!“.

News #1. The country where Rustles live

Rustles 2 gameplay 4
Rustles 2 gameplay 4

The promising project “The Land of Rustles 2” is being aggressively developed and is 90% ready now. All worlds and graphics are drawn, quests are being finalised and the engine is being actively tested. The main coder of the project – Slip – every week pleases us with fresh gameplay videos on his channel in Boosty. Initially the game was planned to be released by Christmas, but something went wrong, and the deadline was postponed to January next year. But despite the fact that the game itself is not yet available, you can get a little ahead of the game and buy the licence at a reduced price on the game’s page now and then wait for the release in peace. Besides some financial benefit you will support the developers in their endeavour to finish the game on time, and maybe they will finally be inspired by the idea of adapting it for ZX Spectrum Next 🙂

News #2. Again about payment on the site and the world without borders

We’re expanding payment options on the site, and although we haven’t got Paypal (and probably won’t in the foreseeable future), there are more and more serious competitors that can provide money acceptance worldwide (not just where some guys allowed it). Yes, I’m talking about cryptocurrencies, of course.

Cryptomus crypto payment acceptance system has been connected for quite a long time and works fine, but there is a certain “entry threshold” for users to start using crypto en masse. Apparently because cryptocurrencies in general have a reputation for being unreliable (rates float, no guarantees and so on). That was all true in the past, but not now.

Now there is a very good thing – it’s called USDT. This cryptocurrency does not “float”, the value of 1 USDT is always exactly equal to 1 USD. It is convenient, there is no risk. At the same time, this currency is not managed by any government and therefore it cannot be blocked – you can pay and accept payments in the USA, Europe, as well as in Russia and China.

Besides, it is easier than ever to create an e-wallet and start paying with USDT – you can register an account on any of the cryptocurrency exchanges (for example, Binance), but there you will be asked to confirm your identity. Or you can start a wallet directly in Telegram and there you won’t need any documents. If you already use Telegram, it’s just a few clicks for you! (And if you don’t use it – install it immediately, it’s the coolest messenger today).

Here you can find very simple instructions on how to start a USDT wallet in Telegram, top it up and immediately start buying anything. Yes, yes, you can buy games on ZXOnline without any problems.

And if you don’t like the idea of paying via USDT, you can try to pay via the new international payment system ROBOKASSA, which we added recently. They have almost 100% passability for Mastercard cards, and Visa cards also work (though not in all countries).

News #3. An offer for game developers that they won’t be able to refuse 🙂

If you ask any indie developer now – where do you host or plan to host your game? The answer would most likely be, “on itch.io“. Of course, it’s a very convenient popular site, which for all its convenience is not without some drawbacks.

On ZXOnline we are trying to make more convenient service, “sharpen” it for ZX Spectrum users, make the site and games really multilingual, add payment systems, so that you can pay from anywhere in the world, introduced a rating system, protected from “cheating”, increase awareness of users about new games – for example, when adding a new game, all users of the site (and there are already more than 5000 of them) will receive an information letter.

That’s why we have a suggestion for authors: if you’ve already published a game on itch.io or elsewhere, why not post it on ZXOnline as well? After all, you don’t really have to do anything.

Just visit this page, submit a link to your game on itch.io or any other resource, and we’ll do the rest!

And what exactly will we do?

  • We will create a clone of your game’s page on ZXOnline and carefully transfer all information – description, pictures and video,
  • We will translate the information into Russian (and later on into other languages),
  • We will inform all ZXOnline users about your game and invite them to play and leave a review,
  • We will keep track of updates to your game and notify your customers,
  • We will regularly or on demand transfer your earnings to your Paypal or other means.

What will you get?

  • The ability to sell games in more countries (thanks to the availability of crypto-payments and translation of game descriptions into other languages),
  • Ability to receive advanced reviews with anti-cheat protection,
  • Ability to place a free demo version of the game (if the full version is paid) and try the game directly in the browser,
  • Opportunity to “force” sales to 5000+ potential buyers – real ZX Spectrum users,
  • The opportunity to participate in the ZX Online Awards 2024, which we will hold next spring,
  • A loyal and energised audience of ZX Spectrum fans,
  • Some other ZX Spectrum-specific things that will probably never appear on itch.io (we’ll keep them secret for now).

So, it turned out to be a lot of text and information, so don’t forget anything,

Let’s summarize!

  1. The game “The Land of Rustles 2” is coming out soon, you can buy early access now at a discounted price.
  2. You can dive into the world of cryptocurrencies without risk or sending documents, just by starting a cryptocurrency wallet on Telegram and start paying for games on ZXOnline or goods in ANY country in the world! Or try the new Mastercard payment system ROBOKASSA.
  3. If you are a ZX Spectrum game developer – leave a link to your game on this page and we will make sure that more people will know about it (see above).

And of course, thanks again for your attention, for staying with us all this time and all the best for the new year!







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Dennis Kenny
Dennis Kenny
6 months ago

Happy Christmas! I’d imagine a lot of people like me got their KS2 Next and will be looking for new games now.

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