The Website Redesign Stage 1 is Completed!

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The Website Redesign Stage 1 is Completed!

We have completed the alpha version of the website redesign and now is the time to tell about it!

The site’s interface has changed significantly. We’ve expanded it to full screen, moved the main menu to the left and made it more useful – now you can easily access lists of games by genre, platform, popularity and other metrics. There’s also a page with a list of all the games you’ve already purchased. Now you can see the license key for each game (why you need it – a separate topic, I’ll talk about it later) and go to the page of the game to download or to play online. By the way, full-featured “online playing” mode is still under development – we’re polishing the emulator, which will be the main engine for all this functionality.

The design has become more mobile-friendly, and some pages now feature a right-side menu with useful information (comments, similar games, reviews).

The new version of the website is already active, you can check out the changes and write your comments and thoughts below this post, we’ll try to take them into account. The redesign is not finished yet. Like renovation works, it’s not finished, you can only put it on hold.

Acceptance of Payments

As you already know, we can’t use mega-super-popular and convenient Paypal, but we’re always looking for solutions, which would allow us to support developers and distribute their products around the world. And just recently we connected two more reliable payment systems. So, at the moment we have:

  • Bank Cards” system – this provider accepts Mastercard cards from all over the world, the only requirement is that the card must support 3DS verification (this is when you are sent an SMS to confirm the payment) – this way it is guaranteed that the card is not used to launder fraudulent money. The payment company values its reputation and guarantees the security of payment data. Visa cards looks like are not accepted (yet), but if that’s the card you have – you can try, and if that doesn’t work you should look at another payment option, Unitpay or Advcash.
  • Advcash system – this payment provider supports many countries and cryptocurrencies, but has a significant drawback – this system requires identity confirmation and account creation to protect against fraudsters, which discourages many users. But you only need to confirm your identity once, and after verification you will be able to do any operations in this system – internal wallet, depositing/withdrawing funds to cards of different countries and etc. Another disadvantage of the system is that it doesn’t work in the US.
  • Unitpay is a Russian payment system, which works with a lot of countries, including almost all European countries.
  • Cryptomus is a modern payment gateway that has chosen to accept a huge number of cryptocurrencies. This provider works with absolutely the whole world and is not limited to any countries or borders. So, if you already have a crypto wallet with popular coins like BTC, ETH, DOGE and 20 others, this option is ideal.

Well, this is the list of systems we are currently working with. And we plan to connect a couple more in the very near future.

When you pay, you will only see systems that are supported in your country.

Physical Versions

Together with the departure of Paypal, we have abolished the obligatory VAT payment when ordering and included the possibility to order the physical versions from EU countries. The order and delivery of the physical versions of the games continues to work as before except for shipping to Russia.

New Games

There are currently 4 new games coming out on ZXOnline, the first of them (it’s just bombastic!) – will be ready by the end of February. And if you have your new (or not so new) game you want to publish on ZXOnline – no problem at all – just post me here.

That’s all the news for today. I tried not to do too much text, but it turned out as always 🙂

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