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Vradark's Sphere

Vradark's Sphere game playVradark's Sphere game playVradark's Sphere game playVradark's Sphere game playVradark's Sphere game playVradark's Sphere game play
Vradark's Sphere

Vradark's Sphere: interesting adventures are waiting for the hero!

Genre: Roguelike

Authors: , ,

Publisher: Sanchez crew (Russian Federation)

Release Date: , Version: 1.2

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Demo Version Files

Demo files are available for anyone. You can download and play them using your ZX Spectrum hardware or Play Online. Please do not distribute binary files, instead share the link to this page.

  • Vradark's Sphere 1.2 Demo TRD

    English demo version for ZX clones supporting TR-DOS disks

    (downloaded: 765 times)
    Download Play version 1.2
  • Vradark's Sphere 1.2 Demo TAP

    English demo version for all classic and new models

    (downloaded: 1282 times)
    Download Play version 1.2

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You will get a life-time access to all release files, updates, fixes and bonus materials

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Release Version Files

Release files of the game.

  • Vradark's Sphere 1.2 TRD

    English version for ZX clones supporting TR-DOS disks

    (downloaded: 119 times)
    Download Play version 1.2
  • Vradark's Sphere 1.2 TAP

    English version for all classic and new models

    (downloaded: 166 times)
    Download Play version 1.2

About This game

Vradark’s Sphere: interesting adventures are waiting for the hero!

The ancient castle where just ruins left
Became a home for the greatest evil yet
The Death Messiah Vradark sits on the throne
His words are poison killing everyone.
The dungeon used for cherishing old kings
Now keeps his power deadly for the human beings.
The deepest tomb hides Sphere of all spheres
That prisoned power, sins and all his darkest fears.
Let spirits rest in peace, save us from close death,
Be brave enough to fight till your last breath!
Take Sphere from this place so cold,
Make Vradark useless with your heart of gold.
Destroy his plan and pave the path to light,
So we could see again the future very bright!

The ancient Evil cursed the used-to-be cheerful lands and the souls of their hard-working citizens with engrossing darkness. The villainous necromancer Vradark now lives amidst the ruins of a royal castle. Somewhere in its depths, he captured the legendary Sphere that brings light and joy. Take the path of a brave sorcerer who wasn’t afraid of challenging the merciless villain. Power, bravery, and intellect will be your faithful companions in this exciting logic game!

Use a magic staff to lighten your path to the lowest floors of a demolished castle. You can’t fully trust your eyes — evil Vradark alters the corridors to make you confused. Go through the randomly generated underground levels, find the hidden Sphere and return to the cursed lands. Bring back the light for good!

Sneak and run, kill the monsters and seek the chests with useful loot to keep your health and mana replenished. Remember, fortune favors the bold!

The unique in-game features:
– 9 randomly generated levels;
– Over a dozen unique monsters to beat;
– The battle of minds with powerful Vradark accompanied by the enchanting soundtrack;
– Switch the mini-map to a colorful mode thanks to GIGASCREEN option;
– Simple controls + support of Kempston Joystick;
– The owners of a disc version for TR-DOS can save their progress when leaving the game;

The legendary adventures wait for legendary players in the game Vradark’s Sphere!

System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K with a tape player

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum-compatible machine with tape player or TR-DOS drive with at least 128K RAM and AY co-processor

Recommended, to Play Online

Any modern PC/Mac/Linux machine with newest version of Chrome, Firefox or another browser (except Opera Mini)

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Kempston Joystick
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Sinclair 1 (keys 6-0)
Sinclair 2 (keys 1-5)
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Single Player
ZX Spectrum
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