Mechwars Arena

Mechwars Arena game playMechwars Arena game playMechwars Arena game playMechwars Arena game play
Mechwars Arena

Now... Your turn...

Genre: Arcade Action


Publisher: ZXBITLES (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 1.2


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About This game


In a dark, grim future, violence rules the world. States manipulate the most basic of human instincts to ensure total control of society.

Now… Your turn…

The Game

This game supports three game modes: “Deathmatch”, “Control Points” and “Capture the Flag”.

You can play alone or in a team with AI against the enemy team. However, we recommend to invite a friend, buy a few pints of beer and have a wonderful evening!

Attention! We highly recommend watching the trailer before you start the game (check for it above in the screenshot list).

The game uses isometric projection. The environment in the game can be destructible. Use the “Destr env” option.

You can set the number of points needed to win the battle.

The game contains 8 maps. On each of them you can play any of three types of the game.

You will see the following items in the arena:

Allows you to regenerate mech energy
Absorbs damage
Freezes all enemies for a short time
Assasin mode! Destroys the enemies with a single shot


Game Keys

Use BREAK key to pause game and show menu.

Press FIRE to quit the game.

Press R to restart or any key to resume.


Thanks to all the sponsors for their support! You guys are awesome!

Thanks for help making this game:


Adrian Grubb

Alex Mart

Sergei Smirnov


Follow us on and youtube.


Made in Russia with Love.


System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 48K or compatible machine with a tape player

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 48K or compatible machine with a tape player

Recommended, to Play Online

Any modern PC/Mac/Linux machine with the newest version of Chrome, Firefox, or another browser (except Opera Mini)

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