Battle City

Battle City game playBattle City game playBattle City game playBattle City game play
Battle City

Immortal classics now on TS-Conf!

Genre: Arcade Action

Authors: , ,

Publisher: ZX Evolution (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 1.4

Rating: not calculated


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About This game

The rating has not yet been decided. Perhaps your review will be decisive!

Disclamer: This game is created as a fanfic and has no relation to the original game or its developer. We claim no rights to the original game and do not infringe on the copyrights of the original game or its creators.

This game needs no introduction, it has long been a living classic. The game was ported to TS-Config from the NES console. The original game was released by Namco and was released on many platforms. In 2021 it made its way to TS-Config as well, although this time Namco had nothing to do with the game.

Technical Details

The engine was written from scratch and has its own features.

There are two files in archive: first one made for VDAC owners and allows to output original colours without dithering. Second one is for those who don’t have VDAC and changed palette to avoid dithering. No additional devices are required.


The default control is as follows:

Player 1: ARROWs ( ←↑↓→) + Z keys – fire. X – in mission editor mode to choose a tile. Space – in the mission editor mode to open the menu.

Player 2: AWSD + R – fire.


  1. The game has 32 missions, of which the first 16 repeat the original missions, the rest are designed from scratch.
  2. In the game prizes can be taken by enemies, be vigilant.
  3. In addition to the original prizes, the game has additional prizes, such as a “ship” which allows you to float on water.
  4. In addition to the standard tiles, the game adds a new type of obstacle “sand”. Getting on it the tank goes twice as slow.
  5. Suddenly! The game has two bosses.
  6. The game is also under Base Conf, it is included in the archive for download.


The game was worked on by:

Game code: Marie Slip, Alone Coder

Music: n1k-o

System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Evolution machine with TS-Config configuration

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Evolution machine with TS-Config configuration

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