Terms of Service for Authors

Terms of Service for Authors on ZXOnline Service

(Service Agreement – Offer)

1. General Provisions

1.1. This document represents a public offer (“Offer”) of the internet service ZXOnline.net (“Service”) addressed to an indefinite circle of individuals who are copyright holders or officially authorized representatives of the copyright holders of software products (“Product”), for the purpose of entering into an agreement on the terms specified in this Offer.

1.2. The ZXOnline.net service is intended for distribution and sale of software Products (games or applications) and acts as an intermediary marketplace.

1.3. This Offer Agreement shall come into effect upon the developer of the Product (“Author”) expressing consent to the terms of the Offer by registering on the platform and listing their Product.

2. Requirements for the Product

2.1. The Product must have been created no earlier than 2010 and be compatible with the ZX Spectrum platform or its clones.

2.2. The Product must be listed by the Author or with the author’s official written permission.

2.3. The Product must meet the quality criteria and be of interest to the ZX Spectrum platform user community. The Service Administration reserves the right to refuse listing without providing reasons.

3. Services Provided

3.1. The Service undertakes actions to list the Product on the platform, distribute information among users, and attract buyers.

3.2. The Service handles payments and donations from buyers, issues digital keys (licenses), and provides access to download the Product files.

3.3. Information about the purchased copy of the Product is instantly sent to the Author via a special channel/bot on Telegram.

4. Financial Conditions

4.1. Proceeds from the sale of the Product are transferred to the Author upon request, but no more than twice a month.

4.2. The Service commission fee is 5% of the order amount.

4.3. Incidental expenses, including fees to payment aggregators, tax payments, and currency conversion, total 20% plus a fixed amount of 0.4 EUR per order.

4.4. Settlements are made in EUR. Withdrawals are made in the currency of the Author’s country.

5. Calculation Example

5.1. When selling a digital copy of the Product priced at 5 EUR with a donation of 3 EUR, the Author’s net income will be 5.6 EUR after deducting incidental expenses.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. The Service reserves the right to make changes to the terms of this Offer without prior notice to the Author. Changes to the Offer come into effect upon their publication on the ZXOnline.net website, unless otherwise stated in the terms of changes.

6.2. In case of disputes or disagreements regarding the Agreement, the parties will make efforts to resolve them through negotiations.

6.3. All matters not covered by this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation.

6.4. The Agreement may be terminated by either party with mandatory notification of the other party at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the intended termination date.

6.5. The handling of the Author’s personal data is regulated in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Service published on the ZXOnline.net website.

6.6. This Offer Agreement is indefinite and terminates if the Service rejects the offer or unilaterally changes its conditions.

6.7. The Agreement is deemed concluded and enters into force upon acceptance (acceptance) of the conditions of this Offer by the Author, achieved by registering in the personal account on the ZXOnline.net website and listing the Product.

6.8. By accepting the conditions of this Offer Agreement, the Author confirms that they have read and agree to the terms of the offer, and acknowledge that the agreement has legal force equivalent to a signed written contract.


Details of the Copyright Holder

IE Aleksey Sergeevich Haydukov

TIN 027813760229, PSRNSP 314028000088953

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zxonline.net

Discord: @ZX_Online

E-mail:  info@zxonline.net