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Sliders: Adventures of Kryssy

Sliders: Adventures of Kryssy game playSliders: Adventures of Kryssy game playSliders: Adventures of Kryssy game playSliders: Adventures of Kryssy game play
Sliders: Adventures of Kryssy

An arcade adventure / quest game about the small mouse Kryssy and a strange guest.

Genre: Arcade Adventure

Author: unknown

Publisher: Epsilon Games (Russian Federation)

Release Date: , Version: 1.0


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About This game


This game is the final of a series of games about the little mouse Kryssy. In the first three games, the mouse saved the world. In the final battle, his spaceship was damaged, and as a result, he teleported to the nearest inhabited planet, where he settled.

However, a few years later an event occurred that disrupted his peaceful existence. The locals told him that in the near forest a creature appeared that looked like an egg that ran and frightened everyone with lightning. Kryssy postponed all the work and decided to sort things out.

The game has two parts. In the second part, Kryssy and his new friend fall into a world in which an unknown force makes all residents sleep soundly.


Keys Q-A-O-P-M or 6-7-8-9-0 (Interface II), Kempston joystick control the game simultaneously.


Kryssy – the main mouse hero in the past and the adventurer on both his ears in the present

Beaver – is a thoughtful, but hard-working guy, always happy to help (if not sleeping)

Owl – a sleepy silent bird that you can take with you and put in a backpack

Raccoon – like a village blacksmith, lives on the outskirts, knows a lot about wood and metal

Mole – is the owner of the underworld, a good-natured, but a mercantile character

Extraterrestrial egg – the one you really know very well


This game was written 2 years after Kryssy 3 was released. The idea came suddenly, after watching the “Sliders” TV series, at first a separate game was planned and then somehow Kryssy and all the other characters got into it.

Thanks to

My friends – for moral support.

My school teachers – for patience and endurance

Oliver Twins – for a great idea with the game Dizzy and some graphics

Vladislav Yuvzhenko (tiboh) for the disk version (thank you so much!).

All users of the site for positive feedback and constructive criticism.


The game in style, graphics, and gameplay resembles Dizzy, however, it contains mostly unique graphics (some of the graphics are borrowed from other games on the ZX Spectrum). The game has good background music (for the AY music coprocessor), the dialogs contain a certain amount of humor.

Despite the fact that the game was released “to the public” only in 2013, its development was completed in 1996, which, however, does not affect its value for the retro gaming world.

Review from the MSD magazine, issue #12

SLIDERS is a unique release. The game was written in 1996-97. The authors living in the Chelyabinsk region, Russia, released a wonderful arcade adventure. Nowhere spread, not yet appreciated by anyone. Like “48 Irons”, the game captures with its colorful and well-thought-out plot. (June 8, 2000)

System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K with a tape player

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum-compatible machine with tape player or TR-DOS drive with at least 128K RAM and AY co-processor

Recommended, to Play Online

Any modern PC/Mac/Linux machine with newest version of Chrome, Firefox or another browser (except Opera Mini)

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Kempston Joystick
Kempston Mouse
Predefined Keys
Sinclair 1 (keys 6-0)
Player Modes
Single Player
ZX Spectrum
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