Vradark’s Revenge

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Vradark's Revenge

He came back to get revenge!

Genre: Action RPG

Authors: , ,

Publisher: Sanchez crew (Multinational)

Release Date: , Version: 1.2


Demo Version Files

Demo files are available for anyone. You can download and play them using your ZX Spectrum Next hardware. Please do not distribute binary files, instead share the link to this page.

  • Vradark's Revenge 1.2 EN Demo
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    Download version 1.2

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Release Version Files

Release files of the game.

  • Vradark's Revenge 1.2 EN FULL

    Please read Update recommendations in the Game Description below

    (downloaded: 177 times)
    Download version 1.2

About This game

The Legend

Hero needs to save a friend whose soul is imprisoned inside Vradark’s orb. The Necromancer is not defeated and full of strength, was able to swap places with him, occupying Hero’s friend’s body. He decides to return to the place where it all began, to the ancient, dank tombs, to meet Vradark face to face, to defeat him and to carry out the soul swap to free his captive!

About the Game

“Vradark’s Revenge” is a fantasy game in the Action RPG genre. The game has several levels, each one inhabited by a different evil Demon. The player plays as a Wizard, the goal of the player in each level is to find the Demon, at the same time destroying all sorts of magical evil things and boosting his abilities, and in the final battle to destroy the main Demon. Repeating this action in each subsequent level, the player will eventually reach the Vradark – the main villain.

By killing evil spirits in the process, the player also earns money which they can spend in the magic shops which are found in each level.

If the player character runs out of health points, he dies and is revived at the beginning of the current level, losing equipment and money. If, however, the player dies in battle against one of the bosses, they have a chance to fight the boss again. But to do so, he must win in a special minigame.

Interface and Controls

The top line of the playfield shows the character’s statistics. The mini-map (which can be opened with the M key) is initially empty, but as the player completes a level, new locations open up on the map. To kill monsters the character has two weapons – basic and additional, which can be changed and improved in the magic shops.

Aiming at enemies is done with the mouse, and character movement is done with WSAD, 8-button joystick or cursor keys. You can also use your own redefined keys.


  • Hold down the fire button to fire automatically.
  • Switch on STEREO mode on ZX Spectrum Next and turn up the sound!

Special Requirements

Game can be run with ZX Spectrum Next machine with firmware 22.09 or newer (core 3.01.10, firmware 1.43).

Change Log


  • Bag of money is displayed all the time
  • Improved performance of the game


  • Added a warning if core version is lower than 3.01
  • Fixed scanlines settings overwrite from BIOS
  • Game titles have been edited


  • First release

How To Update The Game?

To upgrade to version 1.1 on physical edition, unzip the contents of the Vradark Revenge 1.1.zip archive to an SD card into the VradarkRevenge folder, progress and game settings will be preserved.


Alexander Udotov (Sanchez)

Music and Sound
Oleg Nikitin (n1k-o)

Evgeniy Rogulin (ER)

Support, Testing and Motivation
Evgeniy Sukhomlyn (sinc LAIR)

Special Thanks

To everyone who supported our development with kind advice and materially on our Patreon page.

Including (but not limited to):

Mike Cadwallader
Epsilon Alexey
James Shields
Miroslav Bursa
Jan Simko
Manuel Fernandez
David Saphier
Vlastimil Holer
Guy Black
D.’Xalior’ Rimron-Soutter

Thanks to all others, who take interest in our work and support us!

Best wishes and respect from Sanchez Crew team.



System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum Next or compatible machine

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum Next or compatible machine

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