Delta’s Shadow

Delta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game playDelta's Shadow game play
Delta's Shadow

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Delta, I will fear no Power of Blade!

Genre: Platformer

Authors: , , ,

Publisher: Sanchez crew (Russian Federation)

Release Date: , Version: 1.4


Demo Version Files

You can download and try this demo version for free. It contains one full level of the game with the boss at the end. The archive contains all versions of the game for ZX Spectrum 128K, ZX Next, and the version for PC/Windows. Supported languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish.

Please do not distribute binary files, instead, share the link to this page.
  • Delta's Shadow Demo 1.4 ALL
    ZIPEnglish, Español...Demo
    (downloaded: 690 times)
    Download version 1.4

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Release Version Files

Release files of the game.

  • DS Update Pack 1.4
    ZIPEnglish, Español...Release

    This file is needed to update a copy of the game to version 1.4 while saving the game progress. Read more in the description below.

    (downloaded: 118 times)
    Download version 1.4
  • Delta's Shadow Release 1.4 ALL
    ZIPEnglish, Español...Release
    (downloaded: 384 times)
    Download version 1.4

About This game

«Delta’s Shadow» is an action platformer inspired by the series «Power Blade» for the NES. Playing as a secret agent Nova and his partner Jacqueline, you will have to plunge into the gloomy atmosphere of the game and fight deadly combat machines and aliens.

Transnational corporation Trigon continues the Delta Foundation job and prepares a new alien invasion. «Delta’s shadow» features more than 20 music tracks, lots of technological locations, stealth, and racing levels.

Destroy the Trigon Corporation and save the Earth from the aliens’ threat!


The game supports a keyboard and an 8-button joystick. Initially, key controls defined like this:

W, A, S, D – Up, Left, Down, Right,
B – Fire,
N – Jump,
M – Change the suit,
P – Game pause

Also you can redefine keys in the start menu.


You have the option to update the game while maintaining game progress. To do this, download a special file for Windows (DS Update pack), place it in the game folder and run. After the progress bar is filled, the files of your copy of the game will be updated.

If saving game progress is not required, just download the new version of the game.


  • Program code, Level design, plot —
    Alexander Udotov (Sanchez)
  • General idea, plot, music & graphics assistance, Eng. translation —
    Evgeniy Suhomlin (Sinc LAIR)
  • Graphics, animations, plot —
    Evgeniy Rogulin (ER)
  • Music & sounds —
    Oleg Nikitin (nik-o)

System Requirements

Minimal, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum 128k or compatible machine with TR-DOS disk drive

Recommended, Native Hardware

ZX Spectrum Next or compatible machine

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